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Owner's Manual

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Description of AIWA XPV731 Owner's Manual

Complete owner's manual in digital format. The manual will be available for download as PDF file after You purchase it.

Owner's Manual ( sometimes referred to as User's Guide or User's Manual ) contains information on how to use Your device. After placing order we'll send You download instructions on Your email address.

The manual is available in languages: English

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Text excerpt from page 2 (click to view)

• Resume play may start at a point up to about 30 seconds behind or ahead of the stopped point. Resume play may not operate if you stopped within the last 30 seconds




of the final track. • Resume play will be canceled if you open the disc compartment. If the unit is turned off, resume play will not be canceled. In this case, be sure to set HOLD to OFF before changing discs.

Random/Repeat play → I
Press PLAY MODE repeatedly to change the play mode as follows. 1 : one-track repeat 2 : all-track repeat 3 RNDM/ : random repeat 4 RNDM: random 5 normal playback

You cannot go back to the previous track by pressing r during random play.

Phrase repeat play → I
Press PHRASE/DSL during playback. With each press, playback returns to 5 seconds before.

You cannot return to the previous track by pressing PHRASE/DSL.

You can set on or off timers, Jog beat, or E•A•S•S (Electronic Anti-Shock System.) Press MENU repeatedly to select the desired mode. With each press, the display changes as follows. 1 5OFF (Timer-off) 2 5ON (Timer-on) 3 bEAt (Jog beat) 4 E•A•S•S (Electronic Anti-Shock System) For details of each operation, refer to the following.

Use a commercially available connection cord which has a ø3.5 mm stereo miniplug at one end and two phono plugs at the other end. Connect the stereo mini-plug to the PHONES/LINE OUT jack of the unit and connect the phono plugs to the analog input terminals of the external unit, such as the amplifier or the equipment with a built-in amplifier. The CD sound can be heard through the connected audio system.


Timer-off and Timer-on settings are canceled, if the unit is turned off/on after setting is completed or when recharging the batteries.

• Turn off the power of both units before connection. • DO NOT connect to the PHONO inputs of an amplifier (with a built-in phonoequalizeramplifier). • Adjust the volume and DSL on this unit.

5OFF (Timer-off)
Timer-off function turns off the unit after a specified time. 1 Press r or t to set the hour and then press DISPLAY/ENTER. 2 Press r or t to set the minute and then press DISPLAY/ENTER. The setting is completed. When timer-off is set, all-track repeat is selected automatically and Auto power off function is disabled. Adjustable range: up to 12 hours 59 minutes To cancel the timer-off, press MENU to display “quIt” and then press DISPLAY/ ENTER.

To clean the pickup lens
If the lens becomes dirty, the player will skip or not play. If this occurs, clean the lens in the following manner. • To remove dust or dry particles, first use a camera lens blower/brush to blow a few times to loosen particles, then gently brush the lens clean. Finish by blowing the lens again. • To remove fingerprints, use a cotton swab dipped in lens cleaning solution. Wipe gently from the center to the edge. Lens cleaning solution is commercially available.

5ON (Timer-on)

1 Release HOLD. 2 Press ePLAY/PAUSE. Playback starts from the first track. a track number b elapsed playing time Up to 24 tracks can be selected for program play. 1 Press DISPLAY/ENTER in standby mode to display “P-01”. 2 Select the desired track by pressing r and t. a track number b program number 3 Press DISPLAY/ENTER within 8 seconds. If it is not pressed within 8 seconds, the track number changes to 00. Repeat from step 2 again. 4 Repeat steps 2 and 3 to program more tracks. 5 Press ePLAY/PAUSE to start program play.

Timer-on function turns on the unit after a specified time. 1 Press r or t to set the hour and then press DISPLAY/ENTER. 2 Press r or t to set the minute and then press DISPLAY/ENTER. The setting is completed and the power is turned off automatically. Adjustable range: up to 12 hours 59 minutes

Take care not to get too much solution on the swab, which could flow into the unit and cause damage. Pressing too strongly with the swab could scratch or break the lens.

bEAt (Jog beat)

Jog beat function beeps at a regular pace. Press r or t to set the number of beeps in a minute and then press DISPLAY/ENTER. To cancel Jog beat, press MENU to display “quIt” and then press DISPLAY/ ENTER.

To clean the discs
Before playing, wipe the disc from the center out with a cleaning cloth. After playing, store the disc in its case.

Basic operation
To stop To pause To search for the beginning of a track To locate a desired passage Press sSTOP/OFF/CHARGE. Press ePLAY/PAUSE. To resume, press it again. Press r or t. Keep r or t pressed. Release the button at the start of desired passage.

Tracking system Laser pickup D/A conversion Frequency response Output Maximum output Power supply 3-beam laser Semiconductor laser 8-times oversampling digital filter + 1-bit DAC 20 – 20,000 Hz PHONES/LINE OUT jack (stereo mini-jack) 12 mW + 12 mW (16 ohms at 1 kHz) 500 mV (47 k ohms at 1 kHz) DC 3 V using two size AA (LR6) alkaline batteries DC 2.4 V using two optional rechargeable batteries

To stop program play


While Jog beat function is set, Auto power off function is disabled.

E•A•S•S (Electronic Anti-Shock System)
The E•A•S•S 3× function reduces skipping or muting of the sound when the unit is subjected to shock. Press r or t to select “12” or “48” and then press DISPLAY/ENTER.
12 or 48 lights up and the player keeps about 48 seconds or 12 seconds of playback sound in its memory.

To add tracks to the program
Repeat steps 1 through 3 in standby mode. You can add tracks to the end of the program.

Display during playback → I
Press DISPLAY/ENTER repeatedly during playback. With each press, the display changes as follows. 1 Track display and elapsed playing time (normal display) 2 Track display and remaining playing time of the track in play 3 Remaining number of tracks and remaining playing time

To erase the program
Press sSTOP/OFF/CHARGE in standby mode.

To check the programmed tracks
Press DISPLAY/ENTER repeatedly in standby mode. The number of each programmed track will be displayed in the order of playback.


• Before jogging with this unit, allow sufficient time for the memory buffer to fill up completely (ideally about 20 seconds). Continuous shock or vibration may cause the sound to be interrupted even if the E•A•S•S 3× function is activated. This is normal and not a malfunction. Should you experience an interruption in sound, stabilize the unit for a few seconds, then resume your activity. • When the E•A•S•S 3× function is activated, motor noise is heard as the motor periodically rotates at high speed during playback. This is not a malfunction. • When you set the E•A•S•S to 12 , quality of sound will be better than when you set it to 48 .

AC house current using the supplied AC adaptor Maximum outside dimensions 132 (W) × 22 (H) × 145.8 (D) mm

(Ni-Cd 1.2 V 700 mAh)

(51/4 × 7/8 × 53/4 in.)

• When the total remaining time of the programmed tracks is 100 minutes or over, the time is not displayed. • When timer-off is set, the remaining time of timer-off is displayed between 1 and 2.


• The program is also erased when the disc compartment is opened or the auto power off function turns the power off. • When 24 tracks are programmed, “P-FULL” appears, and no more tracks may be added. • You cannot go back to the previous track by holding r pressed during program play. • Repeat play and random play can be performed during program play.

Weight Accessories AC adaptor AC-D603

(excluding projecting parts and controls) Approx. 200 g (7.1 oz.) excluding batteries AC adaptor AC-D603 (1) Stereo headphones (1) Rated voltage: AC 120 V, 60 Hz

Resume function → I
Set HOLD to RESUME. “RESUME” appears, and you can start playback from the point where you stopped playback by pressing sSTOP/OFF/CHARGE. When the resume function is on, all-track repeat is selected automatically. To cancel resume play, set HOLD to OFF.

Specifications and external appearance of this unit are subject to change without notice.

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