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Owner's Manual

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Description of AIWA XPEV600D Owner's Manual

Complete owner's manual in digital format. The manual will be available for download as PDF file after You purchase it.

Owner's Manual ( sometimes referred to as User's Guide or User's Manual ) contains information on how to use Your device. After placing order we'll send You download instructions on Your email address.

The manual is available in languages: English

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Text excerpt from page 2 (click to view)

(XP-EV600D only)

Connecting a stereo system (XP-EV600D only) (F)
You can listen to CDs through a stereo system and record CDs on a cassette tape and a MiniDisc. For details, see the instruction manual that comes with the connected device. Be sure to turn off all connected devices before making connections.

On headphones/earphones Road safety
Do not use headphones/earphones while driving, cycling, or operating any motorized vehicle. It may create a traffic hazard and is illegal in some areas. It can also be potentially dangerous to play your headsets at high volume while walking, especially at pedestrian crossings. You should exercise extreme caution or discontinue use in potentially hazardous situations.


‧ 僅能使用附帶的A C 電源轉接器。請勿使用 其他任何類型的A C 電源轉接器,否則可能

檢查過這些征候但仍不能解決問題時,請向附 近的愛華經銷店洽詢。

檢查CD的剩餘時間和剩餘曲目數(僅 XP-EV600D)
可用遙控器上的DISPLAY來檢查CD的剩餘時 間和剩餘曲目數。



按下按鈕時在顯示器上出現 「Hold」,不播放CD。

‧ 請勿用濕手觸摸AC電源轉接器。 ‧ 請將AC電源轉接器連接到易於連接的AC電 源插座上。發現A C 電源轉接器不正常時, 請將其立即從AC電源插座上拔下。 ➔停止時,按s/OFF/CHARGE。 ➔使用XP-EV600B和XP-EV600D時,請按 CD唱機上的s,而不是遙控器上的s。

Preventing hearing damage

• Before you play a CD, turn down the volume of the connected device to avoid damaging the connected speakers. • Us the AC power adaptor for recording. If you use the rechargeable bateries or dry batteries as a power source, batteries may become completely depleted during recording. • Adjust the volume properly on the connected device so that the sound will not be distorted.

Avoid using headphones/earphones at high volume. Hearing experts advise against continuous, loud and extended play. If you experience a ringing in your ears, reduce volume or discontinue use.

1 按遙控器上的DISPLAY。



‧ 請勿給乾電池充電。 ‧ 請勿將電池扔入火中。 ‧ 請勿將電池和硬幣或其他金屬物品混在一起 攜帶。否則電池的正負極若被金屬物品相連 接,則會發熱。 ‧ 請勿混用充電式電池和乾電池。 ‧ 請勿混用新舊電池。 ‧ 請勿混用不同類型的電池。 ‧ 長期不使用電池時,請將其取出。 ‧ 電池漏液時,請擦去電池室內的漏液,並裝 入新電池。如果皮膚沾上漏液時,請將其徹 底洗淨。

電池室蓋因不小心掉下或施力過大而脫 開。


Consideration for others
Keep the volume at a moderate level. This will allow you to hear outside sounds and to be considerate to the people around you.

曲目號和所經過的 播放時間

Optical digital connecting cord



When recording a CD on a MiniDisc or DAT
Make sure that the CD player is in pause before operating the recording procedures.

To clean the casing
Use a soft cloth slightly moistened in water or a mild detergent solution. Do not use alcohol, benzine or thinner.

曲目號和當前曲目 的剩餘時間


About the E•A•S•S and SOUND function
Stereo system, MiniDisc recorder, DAT deck, etc.

when using the optical digital connecting cord
• To record high quality CD sound, set the E•A•S•S switch to “1.” • The SOUND function does not work on the the output sound from the OPTICAL OUT jack.

To clean the plugs
If the plugs become dirty, there is no sound or noise is heard. Clean them with a dry soft cloth periodically.

剩餘的曲目數和CD 上的剩餘時間*

‧ 為長期保持充電式電池的原有容量,請僅在 完全耗盡時才給電池充電。 ‧ 新的充電式電池或長期未使用的充電式電池 可能不能完全充滿電,須等充電使用數次之 後才能完全充滿電。 ‧ 攜帶充電式電池時,請使用充電式電池附帶 的電池攜帶盒以防意外發熱。如果充電式電 池和金屬物品混合放置,則可能會因短路而 發熱或起火。 何時更換充電式電池 當電池使用時間縮短到約一半時,請更換新的 充電式電池。


立體聲系統、迷你光 碟錄音機、DAT疊 等。

Should any problem persist after you have made these checks, consult your nearest Aiwa dealer.

可以關掉操作C D 唱機時能從頭戴耳機/耳機 聽到的嗶聲。

材料:GaAlAs 波長:λ=780nm 發射持久性:連續 雷射輸出:小於44.6μW(此輸出值是在距離 7mm光圈的光學拾音元件的物鏡鏡面200mm 處測得的。)

Precautions English
Checking the remaining time on the CD and the number of tracks left (XP-EV600D only)
You can check the remaining time on the CD and the number of tracks left using DISPLAY on the remote control.

On safety

• Should any solid objects or liquid fall into the CD player, unplug it and have it checked by qualified personnel before operating it any further. • Do not put any foreign objects in the DC IN 4.5 V (external power input) jack.

“Hold” appears in the display when you press a button, and the CD does not play.
➔The buttons are locked. Slide HOLD back.

1 從C D 唱機上拆下電源(A C 電源轉接器、

2 邊按CD唱機上的s/OFF/CHARGE或遙控

The CD player does not start charging.
➔During stop, press s/OFF/CHARGE. ➔For XP-EV600B and XP-EV600D, press s on the CD player, not s on the remote control.

拆下電源,然後連接電源,連接時不要按■/ OFF/CHARGE。

有關您購買的型號的區域碼,請參看包裝上的 條形碼的左上角。 ‧ 2節LR6(AA)電池:3 V DC ‧ 2節鎳金屬氫充電式電池(A A )(S o n y NH-7WMAA或同等產品):2.4 V DC ‧ AC電源轉接器(DC IN 4.5V插孔): KR4和E18型號:100∼240 V,50/60 Hz TW2型號:120V,60Hz CNA型號:220V,50Hz HK4型號:230V,50/60Hz AU2型號:240V,50Hz

On power sources
• When you are not using the CD player for a long time, disconnect all power sources from the CD player.

‧ 請保持C D 唱機上的透鏡乾淨清潔,不要用 手觸摸。否則會損壞透鏡,C D 唱機不能正 常工作。 ‧ 請勿在CD唱機上堆置重物,否則會壓壞CD 唱機和CD光碟。 ‧ 請勿將C D 唱機放在熱源附近,或放在陽光 直接照射到的地方、或多塵多沙、潮濕、淋 到雨、有機械衝擊、不平坦的地方、或車窗 緊閉的汽車內。 ‧ 如果C D 唱機影響收音機或電視機的接收, 請關掉CD唱機或將其移離收音機或電視機。 ‧ 此C D 唱機不能用於播放形狀不規則(例如 心形、方形、星形)的光碟,否則會損壞 CD唱機。請勿使用該類光碟。

On AC power adaptor
• Use only the AC power adaptor supplied. Do not use any other AC power adaptor. It may cause a malfunction.

The battery compartment lid is detached by an accidental drop, excessive force, etc.
➔Attach it as illustrated below.

按所需順序播放曲目 (PGM播放)
可以使C D 唱機按照所需順序,程式播放多至 24個曲目。

1 Press DISPLAY on the remote control.
Each time you press the button, the display changes as follows:

Display Polarity of the plug
Normal play

1 播放時反覆按P - M O D E /
「PGM」。 2 按r或t,選擇曲目。


Track number and elapsed playing time
• Do not touch the AC power adaptor with wet hands. • Connect the AC power adaptor to an easily accessible AC outlet. Should you notice an abnormality in the AC power adaptor, disconnect it from the AC outlet immediately.

3 按ca,輸入所選曲目。

D尺寸(寬/高/深)(不包括突起部 分和控制器)

Press DISPLAY once.

Track number and remaining time on the current track
Press DISPLAY once again.

4 反覆步驟2和3,按所需順序選擇曲目。 5 按住ca,直至開始PGM播放。


Compact disc digital audio system

播放時,在步驟5之前反覆按 c a 。每按一 次ca,會出現曲目號。

如果將C D 唱機從較冷的地方突然移到較暖和 的地方時,可能會在拾音透鏡上結露並發生故 障或造成播放困難。此時,請將C D 唱機擱置 幾個小時,然後再試著播放。

On rechargeable batteries and dry batteries
• Do not charge the dry batteries. • Do not throw the batteries into fire. • Do not carry the batteries with coins or other metallic objects. It can generate heat if the positive and negative terminals of the battery are accidentally contacted by a metallic object. • Do not mix rechargeable batteries with dry batteries. • Do not mix new batteries with old ones. • Do not use different types of batteries together. • When the batteries are not to be used for a long time, remove them. • If battery leakage occurs, wipe off any deposit in the battery compartment, and install new batteries. In case the deposit adheres to you, wash it off thoroughly.

5℃∼35℃ 設計和規格若有變更,恕不另行通告。

The number of tracks left and remaining time on the CD*
* Not displayed during single play or shuffle play.

Laser diode properties
Material: GaAlAs Wavelength: λ = 780 nm Emission duration: Continuous Laser output: Less than 44.6 µW (This output is the value measured at a distance of 200 mm from the objective lens surface on the optical pick-up block with 7 mm aperture.)

‧ PGM播放時,不能檢查程式。 ‧ 在步驟3輸入完24個曲目時,會在顯示器上 出現第1個選擇的曲目。 ‧ 如果選擇的曲目多於24個,則會拭除第1個 選擇的曲目。

頭戴耳機/耳機須知 路上安全
開車、騎車或操作任何機動車輛時,請勿使用 頭戴耳機/耳機,否則可能有造成交通事故的 危險,而且在有些地區是違法的。行走時如果 用大音量收聽耳機也有潛在危險,特別是在橫 越馬路時。在有潛在危險的情況下,必須特別 注意或停止使用。

XP-EV500 : 耳機(1) AC電源轉接器(1) XP-EV600B: 附遙控器的耳機(1) AC電源轉接器(1) 充電式電池(2) 電池攜帶盒(1) XP-EV600D: 附LCD遙控器的耳機(1) AC電源轉接器(1) 充電式電池(2) 電池攜帶盒(1)

To turn off the operation beep sound
You can turn off the beep sound that is heard from your headphones/earphones when you operate your CD player.

Power requirements
For the area code of the model you purchased, check the upper left side of the bar code on the package. • Two LR6 (size AA) batteries: 3 V DC • Two Ni-MH rechargeable batteries (size AA) (Sony NH-7WMAA or equivalent): 2.4 V DC • AC power adaptor (DC IN 4.5 V jack): KR4 and E18 models: 100 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz TW2 model: 120 V, 60 Hz CNA model: 220 V, 50 Hz HK4 model: 230 V, 50/60 Hz AU2 model: 240 V, 50 Hz

1 Remove the power source (AC power adaptor,
rechargeable batteries or dry batteries) from the CD player.

連接立體聲系統 (僅XP-EV600D)(F)
可以透過立體聲系統收聽CD,並可將CD錄在 磁帶和迷你光碟上。詳細說明,請參閱所連接 的裝置的使用說明書。連接前請務必關閉所有 連接的裝置。

勿用大音量收聽頭戴耳機/耳機。聽覺專家建 議不要連續收聽、大音量收聽及持續收聽。若 感到耳鳴,請降低音量或停止使用。

2 Connect the power source while pressing
s/OFF/CHARGE on the CD player or s on the remote control.

Notes on the rechargeable batteries
• To keep the original battery capacity for a long time, charge the batteries only when they are completely depleted. • If the battery is new or has not been used for a long time, it may not be charged completely until you charge and discharge it several times. • When carrying the rechargeable batteries, use the battery carrying case supplied with the rechargeable batteries to prevent unexpected heat. If the rechargeable batteries and the metallic objects get contacted, heat or fire may occur due to a short circuit. When to replace the rechargeable batteries If the battery life becomes shorter by about half, replace the batteries with new rechargeable batteries.

To turn on the beep sound
Remove the power source and then connect the power source without pressing s/OFF/CHARGE.

請用適當的音量收聽,以便可聽到周圍的聲音 並且不會影響到周圍的人。

‧ 播放C D 前,請降低所連接的裝置的音量以 防損壞所連接的揚聲器。 ‧ 錄音時請使用A C 電源轉接器。若將充電式 電池或乾電池作為電源,則在錄音時電池可 能會完全耗盡。 ‧ 請在所連接的裝置上適當調節音量,以使聲 音不走音。

Playing tracks in your favorite order (PGM play)
You can program the CD player to play up to 24 tracks in your favorite order. 1 During playback, press P-MODE/ repeatedly until “PGM” appears.

Dimensions (w/h/d) (without projecting parts and controls)
Approx. 136 × 20.4 × 139 mm

用稍微沾上一些水或中性清潔劑的軟布。請勿 用酒精、汽油或稀釋劑。

Mass (excluding accessories)
Approx. 175 g

Operating temperature
5°C – 35°C Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

要清潔針形接點時 將CD錄在迷你光碟或DAT上時
在進行錄音操作前請務必確認C D 唱機處於暫 停狀態。 如果針形接點較髒,則會發不出聲音或有噪 聲。請周期性地用乾的軟布擦拭。

2 Press r or t to select a track. 3 Press ca to enter the selected track. 4 Repeat steps 2 and 3 to select the tracks in your
favorite order. “00” appears and the playing order increases by one.

On the CD player
• Keep the lens on the CD player clean and do not touch it. If you do so, the lens may be damaged and the CD player will not operate properly. • Do not put any heavy object on top of the CD player. The CD player and the CD may be damaged. • Do not leave the CD player in a location near heat sources, or in a place subject to direct sunlight, excessive dust or sand, moisture, rain, mechanical shock, unleveled surface, or in a car with its windows closed. • If the CD player causes interference to the radio or television reception, turn off the CD player or move it away from the radio or television. • Discs with non-standard shapes (e.g., heart, square, star) cannot be played on this CD player. Attempting to do so may damage the CD player. Do not use such discs.

Supplied Accessories
XP-EV500: XP-EV600B: Earphones (1) AC power adaptor (1) Earphones with remote control (1) AC power adaptor (1) Rechargeable batteries (2) Battery carrying case (1) XP-EV600D: Earphones with LCD remote control (1) AC popwer adaptor (1) Rechargeable batteries (2) Battery carrying case (1)

有關使用光學數位連線時的E A S S和 ‧ ‧‧ SOUND功能
‧ 要錄高質C D 音響時,請將E‧ S‧ 開關設 A‧ S 為「1」。 ‧ SOUND功能對OPTICAL OUT插孔的輸出 聲音無效。

5 Press and hold ca until the PGM play starts. To check the program
During programming, press ca repeatedly before step 5. Each time you press ca, the track number appears.

‧ 若有固體或液體掉進C D 唱機內時,請立即 斷開電源並請有資格的人檢查後再繼續使 用。 ‧ 請勿將任何異物塞入DC IN 4.5V(外接電 源輸入)插孔。

• During the PGM play, you cannot check the program. • When you finish entering the 24th track in step 3, the first selected track appears in the display. • If you select more than 24 tracks, the first selected tracks are erased.

Note on moisture condensation
If the CD player is suddenly moved from a cold place to a warm place, it may result in moisture condensation on the pickup lens and malfunction or playback difficulties. Should this occur, leave the CD player for a few hours, then try playback again.

‧ 長期不使用CD唱機時,請斷開所有電源。

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