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Service Manual

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  • Contains Circuit Diagrams
  • Download
  • PDF Format
  • Complete manual
  • Language: English
Price: $4.99

Description of AIWA HSTX394 Service Manual

Complete service manual in digital format (PDF File). Service manuals usually contains circuit diagrams, printed circuit boards, repair tips, wiring diagrams, block diagrams and parts list. Service Manual ( sometimes called Repair Manual ) is used mainly by technicians.

If You just want to know how to use Your tv, video, mp3 player etc. You should look for Owner's Manual. After placing order we'll send You download instructions on Your email address.

The manual is available in languages: English

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 HTD550 AIWA Service Manual by Dennis L Thorne;
I was very pleased with the service provided and was surprised at how good the quality was of the manual. I thought it may be a third generation copy or so, but it is as good as the websites that charge 3 times this much. I repair some electronics for family and friends without charge, so this is perfect for me. Thank you very much.
 ICF-7800W SONY Service Manual by Philip Biagioli;
The service was great and the document was also great. Highly recommend!!!! If anyone has a users manual... Please email me. need one. $
 CS-5275 KENWOOD Service Manual by Steve Cuthbertson;
I needed a service manual as the display on my oscilloscope was very dim. I thought I'd give a try, as they advertised a huge number of manuals. Sure enough they had one listed. I bought it hoping it would be useful... actually, I bought it hoping it would be readable! I've had manuals from online sources in the past, and been very disappointed. Not this time! An excellent manual, complete, and very readable. Using it I fixed my 'scope, and as such the manual was an investment that paid off manyfold. Do I have any complaints? One very minor one - The circuit diagrams could have been scanned at a higher resolution, as some of the details were a little difficult to make out - not impossible, just not as easy as my old eyes would like! Overall, I'm very satisfied with my manual, and I will certainly be using this company again. Well done.
 HSJ09 AIWA Service Manual by Julian D Hartheimer;
I Have looked for this manual for quiet a while now, I have finally found it here. I believe this is the only place they have them in a very nice scan, pages are very clear to read, some of the pages are a bit tilted but overall it is great to have this manual available for purchase. Thanks
 HS-PX10 AIWA Service Manual by Julian D Hartheimer;
This is quiet a rare manual, I Have looked for this manual for quiet a while now, I have finally found it here. I believe this is the only place they have them in a very nice scan, Excellent guide: very clear, enabling us to print readable diagram overall it is great to have this manual available for purchase. This is a complete service manual no pages are missing. Thanks

Text excerpt from page 17 (click to view)

Sensitivity : (IHF, THD 3%)



F M Less than 20dB [at 76MHz (YU,YL)] Less than 20dB [at 87.5MHz (YH,YJ,YZ)] Less than 20dB [at 90MHz (YU,YL)] Less than 20dB [at 98.1MHz (YH,YJ,YZ)] Less than 20dB [at 108.0MHz] A M Less than 59dB [at 630KHz] Less than 56dB [at 1000KHz (YU,YL)] Less than 56dB [at 999KHz (YH,YJ)] Less than 59dB [at 999KHz (YZ)] Less than 56dB [at 1440KHz (YU,YL,YH,YJ)] Less than 59dB [at 1440KHz (YZ)]





Sensitivity : (S/N 10dB)






L103 L105

4 3



F M More than 43dB [at 76MHz (YU,YL)] More than 43dB [at 87.5MHz (YH,YJ,YZ)] More than 43dB [at 90MHz (YU,YL)] More than 43dB [at 98.1MHz (YH,YJ,YZ)] More than 43dB [at 108MHz] A M More than 25dB [at 630kHz (YU,YL,YH,YJ)] More than 24dB [at 630kHz (YZ)] More than 27dB [at 1000KHz (YU,YL)] More than 27dB [at 999KHz (YH,YJ)] More than 25dB [at 999KHz (YZ)] More than 27dB [at 1440KHz (YU,YL,YH,YJ)] More than 25dB [at 1440KHz (YZ)] Intermediate frequency : F M 10.7MHz ± 0.1MHz A M 450kHz ± 3KHz FM stereo separation : More than 16dB [at 90MHz (YU,YL)] More than 16dB [at 98.1MHz (YH,YJ,YZ)]

S/N Ratio



Tape speed : Wow & flutter : Take-up torque : F.F torque : Rew torque : Back tension : S/N ratio : Distortion : Noise level : 3000Hz ± 60Hz Less than 0.50% (RMS) 35 ~ 50g-cm (FWD) More than 36g-cm 60 ~ 170g-cm 1.5 ~ 4.5g-cm (FWD) More than 43dB (YU,YL,YH,YJ) More than 40dB (YZ) Less than 3.0% Less than 7.0mV (YU,YL,YH,YJ) Less than 4.0mV (YZ) (Vol MAX, without tape) Less than 0.3mV (YU,YL,YH,YJ) Less than 0.2mV (YZ) (Vol MIN, without tape) 63Hz + 1/-5dB ~ 8kHz ± 4dB (NORMAL) TTA – 100 TTA – 210 TTA – 320 (NORM)



1. AM IF Adjustment 6. Tape Speed Adjustment L105 ....................................................................... 450kHz Settings : • Test tape : TTA–100 (TAPE CENTRE) • Test point : Phones Jack (J1) 2. AM VT Check • Adjustment location : SFR1 Settings : • Test point : TP2 (VT) • Tape/radio : TAPE Method : Set to AM 530kHz and check that the test • S-BASS : OFF point is more than 0.8V. Then set to AM 1710 • Volume : NON-CLIP(MAX -10dB ) kHz and check that the test point is less than Method : Play back the test tape and adjust SFR1 for 8.7V. 3000 ± 10Hz. Then confirm WOW is less than 0.50%. 3. AM Tracking Adjustment 7. Azimuth Adjustment L101 ....................................................................... 630kHz Settings : • Test tape : TTA–330/TTA–420 VC101 .................................................................. 1440kHz • Test point : Phones Jack (J1) • S-BASS : OFF 4. FM VT Adjustment • Tape/radio : TAPE Settings : • Test point : TP2 (VT) • Volume : MAX • Adjustment location : L103 • Adjustment location : Head azimuth adjustment Method : Set to FM 76MHz and adjust L103 so that the screw test point becomes 1.0V ± 0.1V. Then set to Method : Play back the 8KHz signal of the test tape and FM 108.1MHz and check that the test point adjust screw so that the output becomes maximum. is less than 8.5V. 5. FM Tracking Adjustment L102 ....................................................................... 76MHz

Frequency response : Test tape :



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