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Owner's Manual

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Description of AIWA HSSP350 Owner's Manual

Complete owner's manual in digital format. The manual will be available for download as PDF file after You purchase it.

Owner's Manual ( sometimes referred to as User's Guide or User's Manual ) contains information on how to use Your device. After placing order we'll send You download instructions on Your email address.

The manual is available in languages: English, French, Spanish

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 CADW248 AIWA Owner's Manual by Irene Lambert;
I was so happy that the owner's manual was available. It is well written and helped me to use the radio/CD player/recorder without problems. Thanks for making it available. Irene Lambert
 CXNMTD9 AIWA Owner's Manual by Paul Greer;
Excellant!!! Very quick and easy....Best $4.99 I have spent in a very long time.. I highly recommend this.
 PS-FL1 SONY Owner's Manual by Laurence White;
Thanks so much for the Owner's manual for my Sony PS - FL1. I had purchased the turntable off of eBay. It came in and looked great. Packed well and appeared to be great. I balanced and aligned the tone are and hooked it up. When trying to play a record the tone are would move to the right place and just before it would drop to play it moved back off the edge of the record before touching down. I searched the net for an answer to this issue. No luck. Then I purchased the owners manual and sure enough there was a place to adjust where the stylus touched down. That adjustment solved the problem and saved me a $35 feet to have the player checked out. The manual is well written and easy to understand. It is a must have for anyone with this front loading Sony turntable.
 G-9000 SANSUI Owner's Manual by Laurence White;
Some years back I pruchased a Sansui G-9000. I had it cleaned up and a problem with the left channel repaired. When I got it back I hooked it up to my tape decks, turn tables, TV and it played great. The only thing I was not really satisfied with was the performance of my Graphic Equalizer. I purchased this owner's manual had poured myself a cup of coffee. The manual is well organized and written in plain language. It also contained the solution to my dissatisfaction. By using the preamp connections coupled I was able to run everything through my graphic equalizer and now enjoy the full potential of my complete system.
 ADG 3440 AV WHIRLPOOL Owner's Manual by Patrisha Matthews;
An excellent service for the price, however, it would also have been handy if the troubleshooter pages were included. The manual is only sent in the language of your country, thus it looks as though there are some pages missing. Otherwise highly recommended.

Text excerpt from page 1 (click to view)


OWNER’S RECORD For your convenience, record the model number(you will find it on the rear of your set) and the serial number (you will find it in the cassette holder of your set) in the space provided below, Please refer to them when you contact your Aiwadealerin case of difficulty. I Model No. I Serial No.

Para mantenerlo funcionamiento en buenas condiciones de

Pour assurer un bon fonctionnement Ne laissez pas I’appareil a un emplacement


No utilice en lugares muy calientes, fries, con polvo o humedad.

chaud, froid, poussi6reux ou humide. En particulier, ne Ie laissez pas:

Especialmente, no deje el aparato: q en lugares muy humedos, por ejemplo en el barlo c cerca de la calefaccion q en un Iugar donde quede expuesto a Ios rayos directos del sol (per ejemplo, dentro de un coche estacionadocuyo interior puede calentarse mucho) de Ias pilas con Ias

~ un endroit tres humide, une sane de bains par exemple garee,


pres d’un appareil de chauffage . a un endroit en plein soleil (clans unevoiture ou la temperature peut augmenter).

To maintain good performance Do not use the unit in places which are extremely hot, cold, dusty or humid. In particular, do not keep the unit:
q q q q q q


No abra el compartimiento manes mojadas.

N’ouvrez pas Ie Iogement des piles avec des mains mouillees.


Limpie completamente el aparato antes de colocar Ias pilas. No Iave el aparato con agua. et aparato despues de

Essuyez entierement I’appareil avant I’insertion des piles. q Ne trempez pas I’appareil clans I’eau. Remarque Essuyez completement I’appareil apres I’utilisation.


87-HSG-901-01 97031 OAYK-O9

in a high humidity area such as a bathroom near a heater


Printed in Malaysia

Nota Limpie completasmente utilizarlo.

Remarque sur I’ecoute avec Ies ecouteurs puede Ecoutezavolume modere pour evitertout dommage auditif. q Ne portez par Ies ecouteurs quand vous conduisez une voiture ou a bicyclette, Cela pourrait provoquer un accident. q N’ecoutezpasa unvolumeelev6 pendant la marche, en particulier sur Ies passages pour pietons.
q q

in an area exposed to direct sunlight (inside a parked car, where there could be a considerable rise in temperature) q Do not open the battery compartment with wet hands. q Wipe the unit thoroughly before inserting batteries. q Do not soak the unit in water. Note Wipe the unit thoroughly after use.

Notas para escuchar con IOS auriculares q No escuche con el volumen alto porque

dafiar su capacidad de audici6n. No se ponga Ios auriculares cuando conduce un vehiculo o anda en bicicieta. Puede representar un peligro para el trdfico. q No escuche con el volumen alto mientras est~ caminando, especial mente cuando tenga que cruzar una cane. QUtilice correctamente: L es para la izquierda y R para la derecha. Casetes + u Si Ia,cinta estafloja, enrolle con un Iapiz o herramienta similar, tal como se indica en la figura. Una cinta fioja puede cortarse o enrollarse en el mecanismo.


Portezcorrectement R pour la droite.



Note on listening with the headphones q Listen at moderate volumes to avoid hearing damage. q Do not wear the headphones while driving or cycling. It may cause a traffic hazard. q You should use with extreme caution or temporarily discontinue use in potentially hazardous situations such as walking, jogging, etc. q Do not listen at a high volume while walking, especially at pedestrian crossings. q Wear them properly: L is left, R is right. Cassette tapes + u q Check and tighten slack tape before use with a pencil or similar tool as illustrated. Slack tape may break or get jammed in the mechanism.

Cassettes + H q Verifiez et eliminez tout mou clans la bande avant I’utilisation, al’aided’un crayon ou d’unobjet similaire comme indique. Une bande mal enroulee peut se casser ou s’enrouler clans Ie mecanisme.


Las cintas C-100 o m~s Iangas son muy finas y pueden deformarse o dafiarse f~cilmente. Se recomienda no usar estas cintas en este aparato.

La bande des cassettes C-100 ou plus Iongues est extr~mement fine et se d4forme ou s’endommage facilement. L’emploi de ces cassettes recommande sur cet appareil. n’est pas

tamafioAA alineadas.



Abra la caja de Ias pilas y coloque

dos pilas de

Ouvrez Ie Iogement des piles clans l’appareil, et inserez-y deux piles format AA (R6), en alignant correctement Ies marques 0 et 0. Replacement des piles+

(R6) con Ias marcas C) y 0 correctamente

C-100 or longer tapes are extremely thin and easily deformed or damaged. They are not recommended for use in this unit.

Cambio de Ias pilas +


Cambie Ias pilas por otras nuevas cuando la cinta se mueva Ientamente o irregularmente.




q Con firme

Notas sobre Ias pilas que Ias marcas





Remplacez Ies piles paroles neuves quand la vitesse de defilement de la bande diminue ou devient irr6guliere. Remarques sur Ies piles Respectez Ies polarites C) et 0. q Ne melangez pas different types de pile, ou des piles neuve et ancienne. Ne rechargez pas, ne chauffez pas et ne demontez q

Open the battery compartment inside the unit and insert two size AA (R6) batteries with the 0 and 0 marks correctly aligned.

Battery replacement + E Replace the batteries with new ones when the tape speed slows down or becomes uneven. Note on dry cell batteries . Make sure that the 0 and 0 marks are correctly aligned. q Do not mix different types of batteries, or an old battery with a new one. q Never recharge the batteries, apply heat to them or take them apart. q When not using the batteries, remove them to prevent needless wear. q If liquid leaks from the batteries, wipe thoroughly to remove. Using on AC house current + u Connect the optional AC adaptor Aiwa AC-620/AC302 only.

correctamente alineadas. c No mezcle distintos tipos de pilas o una pila vieja con una nueva, c No recargue, caliente o desarme Ias pilas. q Si no se van a utilizar Ias pitas durante mucho tiempo, saque Ias pilas para evitar que se gasten inutilmente. q se produce una fuga de Ias pilas, Iimpie Si completamente antes de sacarlas. Utilization de la corriente electrica CA + u Conecte solo el adaptador de CA optional AC-620/ AC-302,


pas Ies piles. q Quand Ies piles ne sent pas utilisees, retirez-les pour eviter toute usure inutile. q Si du Iiquide fuit des piles, eliminez-le entierement en I’essuyant. Fonctio.nnement sur Ie courant secteur u domestique + Raccordez uniquement un adaptateur secteur Aiwa AC-620/AC-302.


Utilization del gancho para cinturon + E Instale el gancho para cinturon incluido, en el aparato y cuelguelo Utilization del cintur6n. de la correa de mano + E

Utilisez une pince pour ceinture + Fixez la pince pour ceinture fournie a I’ppareil, puis ce dernier a votre ceintre, Utilisation d’une dragonne + E 1 Fixez la dragonne a la pince pour ceinture. lnserez la projection @ clans Ie trou. 2 Fixez la pince de ceinture a I’appareil. 3 Serrez la dragonne. Inserez completement saillies clans Ies trous. Raccordement des ecouteurs + E Raccordez Ies ecouteurs fournis a la prise PHONES de I’appareil. Ies




Using the belt clip + E Attach the supplied belt clip to the main unit and install it to your belt. Using the hand strap + E 1 Attach the hand strap to the belt clip. Fit the projection @ into the hole. 2 Attach the belt clip to the unit. 3 Fasten the hand strap. Fit the projections holes completely.

1 Instale la correa de mano en el gancho para cintur6n, Encaje la saliente @ en el orificio. 2 Instale el gancho para cintur6n en el aparato. 3 Abroche Iacorrea de mane. Encajefirmemente Ias salientes en 10s orificios. Conexion de Ios auriculares + u Conecte 10sauriculares que vienen con el aparato en la toma PHONES del aparato.

into the


Connecting the headphones + E Connect the supplied headphones to the PHONES jack of the unit.



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